Fête du Vélo 2012-2015

Since 2012 the government of Luxembourg organizes every year the Fête du Vélo festival, in cooperation with the cycling association Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ to create awareness about cycling as an alternative form of transport. The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Luxembourg has ever since participated with these events by promoting the Dutch cycling culture, by offering brochures on the latest design bikes, as well as brochures on biking in the Netherlands and bike routes. During the past events there has been a fruitful cooperation with the Danish embassy. The last couple of years, Fête du Vélo was consistently attended by varying ambassadors, as well as various ministers, including prime minister Xavier Bettel. The event attracts local and national media which positively impacts cycling for recreational purposes as well as for enhancing cycling as a viable means for commuting to school or work.

Bike2Work Promotion Tour: May 2016

In May the Dutch embassy in Luxembourg will organize the ‘Bike2work promotion tour’ in cooperation with the cycling association Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ (which at the moment of writing still needs to be confirmed). The participants of this tour will consist of Ambassadors and some key state officials, who will bike through the city, ending with a lunch and an informative workshop (hosted by an expert from the Dutch Cycling Embassy) at the residency of the Ambassador Peter Kok. Also, other interest groups will be invited to attend the seminar in the form of a ‘round table’.

The goal of this event is to promote the development of non-motorized transportation in Luxembourg, especially cycling. Cycling is not yet much part in commuting to school or work in Luxembourg, while increased cycling practices should lead to healthier, safer and cleaner cities. The promotion tour also creates awareness by attracting media attention.

Cycling associations in cooperation with local municipalities could keep on promoting cycling, in the form of an ongoing bike2work campaign.  Such a campaign would involve the direct engagement of companies and public institutions in developing plans to stimulate cycling and other more sustainable forms of transportation among their employees. This could provide numerous economic, health-related and social advantages for both employers and employees; thus creating ‘win-wins’ for many.