Urban cycling has just been introduced to the small country on the Balkans. While off-road cycling and other outdoor activities in the pristine natural environment of the “Black Mountains” have been known for a while, bicycles are now slowly becoming more popular in the cities.

It is thanks to local actors like the NGO “”, that officials and other stakeholders are recently working on the construction of five bike lanes in the capital. Among other things the local grassroots organization has been organizing Critical Masses over the last years.

This year’s first tour was dedicated to the recently adopted Paris Agreement on climate change together with the UN System in Montenegro and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. Green-Future

Coming events are part of the Cycling Festival Europe as we want to help the people of Podgorica to raise the awareness! 


Best practices

Critical Mass: Cycling events, typically held on the last Friday or Saturday of every month. Its purpose is to promote city cycling and traffic safety. The first Critical Mass in Montenegro took place on June 29th 2012 in Podgorica.

The international cycling route EuroVelo Corridor 8, is planned to pass through Montenegro.

Past activities

29th of April 2016: Critical Mass- Bike Ride for Energy Efficiency. The civil society organization “” dedicated this public ride to the environment.

27th of May 2016: Critical Mass- Bike to Work! “” & local partners organized this public tour to encourage people to ride their bicycle to work. Location: Trg Nezavisnosti, Podgorica. Time: 6pm.


“” ( Key player when it comes to advocacy for cycling infrastracture in Montenegro. The NGO promotes cycling as an option for commuting to work, motivates decision makers to instal more bike-parking facilities and gets the local public involved.

“Sinergija”: Non-governmental organization from the city of Herceg-Novi, whose main objective is to recognize and revitalize public spaces and cultural heritage buildings, put them in function as public sphere.

“Pedalaj”: Cycling-NGO from the city of Berane, involved in the marking of bike trails.

Local Cycling Organization in the coastal city of Bar.

Intro by UNDP Montenegro