Best practices:

May 15, 2016: SkirtBike (7th edition)

This year SkirtBike took place in Bucharest and 14 other cities in Romania. The largest community of  women cyclists in Romania met for the biggest annual womens' bike parade to actively promote cycling in urban areas. SkirtBike aims to celebrate the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women.



14th of April 2016: Smart Mobility Event - Business Neighborhood Initiative . Public-private consultation event which addressed the mobility problems in the Northern Business District of Pipera, Bucharest.
Innovation is a priority theme of the Dutch Presidency of the European Council. Smart and innovative cities are key to sustainable development in Europe.
On April 14th, The Dutch Embassy in Bucharest organized an event on smart mobility linked to the area of the North Business District in Bucharest. This theme was chosen because it's a topic of growing interest in Bucharest and it builds on the work done by the Embassy over the last years in the area of urban planning and sustainable cities. This event also had the aim to stimulate a public-private consultation between different stakeholders, as this is a typical ‘Dutch approach’.

Objective of the event: The event in Bucharest aimed at bringing together representatives of public and private organizations to discuss ‘smart mobility’ in the Pipera business district. The area is a fast developing modern business district (around Aurel Vlaicu metro station and Pipera metro station) and every day, thousands of people travel to/from work. Mobility is a big challenge, and the debate will focus on the role of different actors in improving the current situation.

  • The main topics for discussion included:
    Visioning: Bucharest’s plan for a North Business District;
  • Sustainable profile: Integrated transport and public space/green space for North Business District, smart mobility, alternative transport modes (cycling), changed behavior, and area ownership;
  • Institutional and financial mechanisms for implementing public space projects in North Business District.

Participation: Different stakeholders from both the public and private sector were invited. Representatives from the companies located in the area, the different government levels (sector, municipal, national) as well as advisers, international agencies, professional associations and NGO’s were present.


14.30 – 14.40 Welcome and introduction - Mrs. Stella Ronner-Grubačić, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Romania
14.40 – 14.50 Introductory words on the development of Bucharest: vision for the future - Mr. Razvan Sava, Mayor of Bucharest (tbc)

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September 18th, 2014: Bike with I’Velo la “Office Bike Party – Ride for a good cause!” 

Matthijs van Bonzel, the Dutch Ambassador in Romania and his wife supported the Green Revolution Association with its project “Business pe bicicleta” (engl. Business on bike). The participants rented for free I’Velo bikes and biked on an established route, i.e. Bd. Dimitrie Cantemir – Rond Piaţa Unirii – Bd. Dimitrie Cantemir – Bd. Tineretului – Daimon Club. 

The objective of this action was to create a “bike to work” urban habit among young professionals, corporatists and entrepreneurs.
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April 20th, 2015: Launch of the 1st edition of Salonul Bicicletei in Bucharest.

The Bicycle Producers, Importers and Dealers’ professional association (AsPIC Romania), and Veloteca team organized the 1st edition of Salonul Bicicletei.
Deputy Head of Mission, Mrs. Anke ter Hoeve gave opening speech at the press conference organized at the launch of the 1st edition of Salonul Bicicletei 2015 exhibition.
A discussion took place regarding bicycle lanes and bike trips in the country-side.
The Embassy of the Netherlands in Romania was the first one almost 10 years ago to support the pro-bicycle culture in Bucharest through a Matra-KAP grant.



Cycling group “Adevaratii VeloPrieteni” (AV) in Bucharest

Our cycling group “Adevaratii VeloPrieteni” (AV) started 4 years ago as a facebook group - a "friendly place" to provide useful information for bicycle enthusiasts, cycling, sports and health. Nowadays we have reached about 6,000 members, more than 600 events, more than 28 millions kilometers pedaling along with over 15,000 participants.

We organize weekly cycling events in Bucharest, we meet every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening for a 20 to 70 km ride in and around Bucharest in groups of 20 to 160 cyclists. All these weekly evening rides are for amateur cyclists, beginners on Monday, everybody on Tuesday and the fastest ones on Tuesday...and on weekends, cycling rides in the countryside.  20 to 150 cyclists come along on 60 to 300 km tours to different touristic sites in Romania. We have over 150 events through which we can discover the history and geography of Romania, beautiful places to visit from Black Sea to the top of Fagaras Mountains, from Transylvania and the Moldavian Churches to the Danube River and Delta.

We organize annual events for the smalles cyclists and for the thoughest ones or we pedal along the most beautiful ones from SkirtBike.