Europe, let's go cycling! During the EU presidency Dutch Embassies are organizing all kind of events to support the growing cycling culture in Europe. At this Smapper (social media map) you can follow “Live” the Cycling Festival Europe reports.

Our goal is to promote cycling as a mode of transport for everyone.

Sanne Westra, Dutch Embassy in Berlin and coordinator of the Festival: “I hope that through Cycling Festival Europe politicians in Europe will realise that promoting and increasing cycling as a mode of transport benefits all users of roads and public spaces. But most of all, I hope more and more people will experience the fun side to cycling around their city; by opting for the bicycle, they opt for a more pleasant and healthy city to live in. I have been cycling since I was a child, and this experience of freedom is what I wish for all children growing up.”

Mirjam Borsboom, director of the Dutch Cycling Embassy: “Cycling in the Netherlands is our way of life.
People bike to work, to school, when going out, doing their groceries or visiting friends. Even our royal family, our politicians and our ambassadors all over the world often prefer to use the bicycle.”

If you have never been in a cycling city or country like the Netherlands or Denmark, these videos might give you an idea how the freedom of cycling feels like:

The Dutch Embassies in the EU organizing the festival also aim to connect cyclists, city authorities and cycling advocacy groups from all over Europe, providing a stage for the growing cycling culture and to facilitate the search of best practices that positively contribute to the promotion of the bicycle as a means of transport.

We are looking forward to connect with you as well. Share your best practices via the social media, and by adding #CFE2016 and #location, it will appear on the