Current activities:

March to September 2016: "Trentino pedala" (Trento on bike)

A project aimed to make cycling a part of everyday life, in Trentino. The provincial government's Council for Infrastructure and the Environment is coordinating the initiative, which follows a health-in-all-policies approach. Citizens are invited to create a profile and can participate in an informal competition to establish who – among institutions, companies or informal groups – is more active and saves more carbon dioxide. An app can be downloaded free of charge to track progress, and virtual medals will be granted for the most active cyclists. A drawing will identify several winners among those who cycled at least 100 km from March to September 2016.


Past activites:

May 2016: BiciRoma and BigArtRide




Expobici in Padova September 2014

Cosmobike in Verona, September 2015

Cycling Seminar in Milan, September 2015

Cycling Festival in Napels, October 2015

Rome bike ride
Rome TU Delft bicycle