14th of April: Launch of Cycling Festival Europe in Riga

To launch Cycling Festival Europe, a bicycle-ride with EU Ambassadors, Latvian MFA and former Latvian Ambassador to the Netherlands from the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the EU House will take place. This will be followed by a reception with healthy and environmentally friendly drinks and snacks. In addition, during the day the public is encouraged to take a “Bike-friendly photo” with the hashtag #CFE2016RIGA and post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, the public in Riga will receive a Dutch stroopwafel and a saddle cover between a certain time when they order a drink at bike-friendly coffee cafés. At the end of the day, there will be a public event at bike-friendly Coffee Shop Vest where Dutch cycling movies will be shown, a Dutch cycling photo exhibition will be presented and the winner of the most creative and original “Bike-friendly photo” will be awarded.

30th of April – 7th of May: Participating in Bicycle Week Riga 2016
From the 30th of April till the 7th of May, the Bicycle Week Riga 2016 will take place. We will collaborate with various stakeholders to organize an event during this week. The angle and the actual date of the event is still under discussion.   

7th of May:
Officially opening the ‘Tweedrun Riga’ and/or closing the Bicycle Week.

Some videos/images on cycling culture in Latvia/Riga:
- Last years program of the Bicycle Week:

- A video of Bike Week 2015 in Riga:

- A video of Tweedrun 2015 in Riga:

- Photos of the construction of bicycle paths and roads in Riga:

- Interesting article on the bike brand (Erenpreiss) that helped Latvia rediscover its cycling heritage


  • Bicycle Tour in West Latvia (Kuldiga)
  • Cycling Masterclass The Dutch Embassy organized a Bicycle Tour together with the Latvian Engineering Consultants Association, Witteveen & Bos, SIA Firm L4 and the council of Riga. The Dutch Ambassador and the Mayor of Riga cycled through the city of Riga.

2008, 2009 and 2010

  • Velo Kuldiga: Cycling for Environment and Safety - Europe, Holland, Kuldiga: Think Green!

Velo Kuldiga has been supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Riga in 2008, 2009 and 2010. It is organized every year at the end of May by the municipality of the city of Kuldiga with the support of the European Commission and local stakeholders. It is the biggest biking event in Latvia with wide public participation, emphasizing cycling as environmentally friendly means of transportation. Moreover, it concentrates on the importance of safety when cycling. Each year there are about 1500 participants from all over Latvia and some from other countries. Each year, the event involves a bike tour, where participants can choose out of several distances, as well cycling workshops and all sorts of entertainment.

Cycling Masterclass Opening 2